Diana Raquel Sáinz

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Diana Raquel Sáinz

As Their New

International Corporate Director Of Public Relations And Marketing

(Aqua Sin Fronteras)

Water Without Borders (Agua Sin Fronteras) would like to welcome its newest team member Diana Raquel Sáinz as our International Corporate Director of Public Relations and Marketing!

Diana’s passion as a humanitarian, her compassion for the well-being of humans and a desire to “make a difference” in this world for those in need has been proven with her 18 years in Healthcare Management and Marketing as well as an Investigative Research Photojournalist. Her motto has always been “Photography With A Cause”. She has recently joined Water Without Borders in February 2018 bringing extensive Public Relations and Marketing experience in the fields of not only Healthcare, but in researching, writing, and photographing some of the worlds most contaminated bodies of water that are affecting the lives physically of those living within the areas and brings international presence.

She has worked and volunteered alongside many international cancer foundations, ambassadors, and organizations in both the public and private sector not only with the ability and knowledge in healthcare, but her ability to make her voice heard, and educating the public through the media, social media, education, and marketing.

Her passion for providing “clean water” started as she began to research the Salton Sea located directly on the San Andreas Fault, predominantly in California's Imperial and Coachella Valleys of Southern California. It infuriated her that many in Southern California did not even know the Salton Sea was in their own back yard, ignorant to the fact that the Salton Sea is California’s largest body of water and the United States’ most contaminated body of water. The Salton Sea is a public health catastrophe that affects a population of over 600,000 people surrounding the sea.

Many children and lives are affected by the pollutants in the water causing birth defects, cancer, autism, cardiovascular diseases, and reduce the body’s ability to fight infections, as well as contaminating the air quality having a high rate with children developing asthma.

Kimberly Evert Kuhn, President
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