Diana Raquel Sáinz

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Panama Spring 2015 Collection "Liébana"

Diana Sáinz works exclusively with Pilar Sáinz Madrid during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks around the world.  Pilar is a talented couture designer specializing in custom Bridal Gowns, Evening Wear, Uniforms, and all Women's Clothing.  Diana Sáinz not only photographs the events but also designs her logos, invitations and music arrangements.  Although they are cousins, together they make a fantastic team managing to make the covers of many international magazines and exclusive articles.  Pilar's style is of class and elegance.

Currently they are working on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week San Jose in Costa Rica scheduled for August 3 - 5, 2017.  Pilar's collection is named "Bahamas" in honor of Diana's father Dr. Alfonso Sáinz, leader and founder of Spain's most popular and historical band, and his love for the Bahamas, the islands, the sun, the water, the boats and the beach.  This collection is filled with fabulous tropical colors that represent the colors and textures of the islands.

In 2014 Pilar and Diana opened the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Panama also in honor of Dr. Alfonso Sáinz with her spectacular collection of "Liébana", a valley in Northern Spain where much of their family roots lay, for the love of the Valley and the memories the family shared together there.